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Press the switch once for maximum seat heating.

Be aware that the “usable” tank capacity will be somewhat less than the specified maximum. A number on the sidewall of each volvo s80 user manual pdf download providing information about the tire pcf and manufacturing plant, tire size and date of manufacturer.

Page 89 Towing a trailer When preparing for trailer towing, observe the following: Its multi-link rear suspension counteracts any tendency to understeer while the McPherson front suspension struts promote superior comfort. Spin control SC The spin control function is designed to help prevent the drive wheels from spinning while the car is accelerating.

Volvo also offers a special leather softener that should be applied after the cleaner and protectant. In this example, a load index of 95 equals kanual maximum load of lbs kg. Enjoy indulgence without extravagance, performance without pretence and safety without peer. The optional supplementary amplifier HU may be mounted under the front passenger’s seat.

Contents Top of Page file: This has been done to help bring components in the emission control system to their normal operating temperature as quickly as possible, which enables them to function normally. Technologically speaking, scouts run ahead, check the road, and report back.

Please ask your dealer to show you samples. Symbols on the seat back upholstery mark the anchor positions as shown. Page Volvo S80 may be used at one time.


Cassette cleaning We recommend the use of the Volvo Cleaning Cassette available as a genuine Volvo accessory. If wheel lift equipment must be used, please use extreme caution to help avoid damage to the car.

InNils Bohlin, a Volvo safety engineer, invented the three-point safety belt. With the lever in this position, you can set the wiper interval by twisting volvo s80 user manual pdf download 1 upward to increase wiper speed or downward to decrease the speed.

2001 Volvo S80 Service Repair Manuals on Online Auto Repair

A door is forced opened. To keep your Volvo in usser condition, volvo s80 user manual pdf download time-tested and proven Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories. Page 74 Volvo S80 Direct the air vents toward the rear side windows to demist. Page Check all lights, including high beams.

Page 2 Volvo S80 driving in your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

The lever returns automatically to 0 when released. Have the car towed to an authorized Volvo retailer for repairs.

This constitutes a fire risk. For example, the Volvo S80 can claim air so free of allergens, it is Controls are easy to operate and pleasing to touch.

Volvo S80 Service Repair Manuals on Online Auto Repair

It is therefore advisable to check the state of charge more frequently and spray an anti-rust oil on the battery posts.

Page 25 — just as indispensable for the environment as the three-point seat belt is for safety. Looking after people and the environment is an indispensable part of the Volvo soul. Page volvo s80 user manual pdf download The booster cushion should also be replaced if it is badly worn or damaged in any way.

Page 98 Press the cover back into place. Refer to your owner’s manual. Please refer to your Warranty and Mannual Records Doenload booklet, or consult your Volvo retailer for these intervals.


Relax in lush surroundings finely detailed by ambient lighting throughout and enjoy. Page To meet seasonal air quality standards, some areas require the use of “oxygenated” fuel. Press the lamp unit back into place.

Utilizing advanced technology, your Volvo is designed to use fuel efficiently and reduce its impact on the environment. Page Volvo S80 pg.

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