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The final P is Productivity and Quality. Where once there were 4 Ps to explain the mix, nowadays it is more commonly accepted that 7ps of service marketing pdf download more developed 7 Ps adds a much needed additional layer of depth to the Marketing Mix marketong some theorists going even going further. This came from the old Services Marketing Mix and is folded in to the Extended Marketing Mix by some marketers so what does it mean?

Thus a restaurant not only has to charge for the cost of the food served but also has to calculate a price for the ambience provided.

Jerome McCarthy in You can see why there may have been some need to update the theory. Thus, a fine dine restaurant is better located in a busy, upscale market as against on the outskirts of a city.

The 7 P’s of Services Marketing

A good marketer will learn to adapt the theory to fit with not only modern times but their individual business model. Before we get carried away though what is the Marketing Mix and what is the original 4 Ps principle?

Marketing is a continually evolving discipline and as such can be one that companies find themselves left 7ps of service marketing pdf download much behind the competition if they stand still for too long.

Therefore, most companies have a service blue print which provides the details of the service delivery process, often going down to even defining the service script and the greeting phrases to be used by the service staff.

Similarly, a holiday resort is better situated in the countryside away from the rush and noise of a city.

However, given the unique nature of services, the implications of these are slightly different in case of services. The use of this material is free for learning and education purpose. Moreover, its production and consumption are inseparable. While the latter can be priced easily by taking into account the raw material costs, 7ps of service marketing pdf download case of services attendant costs – such as labor and overhead costs – also need to be factored in.

The process of service delivery is crucial since it ensures that the same standard of service is repeatedly delivered to the 7ps of service marketing pdf download.

The first four elements in the services marketing mix are the same as those in the traditional marketing mix. However, too much customization would compromise the standard delivery of the service and adversely affect its quality.

Thus, a restaurant is known as much for its food as for the service provided by its staff.

Marketing Theories – The Marketing Mix – From 4 Ps to 7 Ps

Thus, there are hair salons that have well designed waiting areas often with magazines and plush sofas for patrons to read and relax while they await their turn. Simply put the Marketing Mix is a tool used by businesses and Marketers to help determine a product or brands offering.

To Know more, click on About Us. The final price for the service is then arrived at by including a mark up for an adequate profit margin. Since services are 7ps of service marketing pdf download in nature most service providers strive to incorporate certain tangible elements into their offering to enhance customer experience.

People are a defining factor in a service delivery process, since a service is inseparable from the person providing it. We now look at the 3 new elements of the services marketing mix – people, process and physical evidence – which are unique to the marketing of services. In some spheres of thinking, there are 8 Ps in the Marketing Mix. Similarly, restaurants invest heavily in their interior design and decorations to offer a tangible and unique experience to their guests.

One example of this evolution has been the fundamental changes to the basic Marketing mix. Since a service offering can be easily replicated promotion becomes crucial in differentiating a service offering in the mind of the consumer. Similar Articles Under – Services Marketing. 7ps of service marketing pdf download

Marketing Theories – The 7Ps of the Marketing Mix

Thus, service providers offering identical services such as airlines or banks and insurance 7;s invest heavily in advertising their services. Consequently, customer service training for staff has become a top priority for many organizations today.

Since service delivery is concurrent with its production and cannot be stored 7ps of service marketing pdf download transported, the location of the service product assumes importance. This is crucial in attracting customers in a segment where the services providers have nearly identical offerings.

This now allowed the extended Marketing Marketingg to include products that are services and not just physical things. Hence particular care has to be taken in designing the service offering.

The 4 Ps have been associated with the Marketing Mix since their creation by E. Hence, there is scope for customizing the offering as per customer requirements and the actual marketiing encounter therefore assumes particular significance. The same is true of banks and marketingg stores. Please reference authorship of content used, including link 7ps of service marketing pdf download to ManagementStudyGuide.

Pricing of services is tougher than pricing of goods. Service providers have to give special thought to where the service would be provided.

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