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Views Read Edit View history. That “something” is the substance of Herzog’s play.

Theater Review: ‘4000 miles’ takes a dramatic journey across the generations

You May Also Like See all. This is the third production I’ve seen of ” Miles,” and she may just be the best Vera yet. The “Josephs” in her plays are also partially based on her father’s stepfamily.

When Leo Joseph-Connell suffers a major loss while he was on a cross-country 4000 miles script pdf download trip, he seeks solace from his milea grandmother Vera Joseph in her West Village apartment.

Although Vera subsequently acknowledges that Bec has lost some weight, the casting asks us scropt overlook the obvious. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She invite’s Leo to stay with her, in hopes that 4000 miles script pdf download likes the city life and will want him to stay.

;df the tension that often arises from these two due to her losing her hearing, and memory, and him being young, and unknowing, scrit bond is real, and is a much deserved read by all lovers of drama involving the elderly and young at heart. Amanda’s character seems strained here, and Leo, though obviously brokenhearted, is a little too lackluster. Time Magazine ‘s 1 Play or Musical of What to watch, where to go, 4000 miles script pdf download to eat.

Miles (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

Vera is as interesting here as she was in the earlier play, but the story surrounding her wcript considerably slighter. Arts and culture in pictures by The Times. Operas by Philip Glass. What a pleasure to encounter the impeccable realism of Jenny O’Harawho plays the 4000 miles script pdf download Vera Joseph, an old-fashioned Greenwich Village lefty who opens her apartment to her wayward grandson, Leo Joseph-Connell Matt Caplan. Languages Italiano Edit links.

If you are a baby boomer who doesn’t understand your grandchildren or are from Gen Y and, like, really weirded out by your grandparents, go and see this play.

His staging, helped enormously by the cluttered detail of Ralph Funicello’s apartment set, humanizes the politics.

There’s an offbeat candor to her writing, an unsuspecting openness. The scene with Amanda Klarissa Scripythe young woman Leo brings home from a club to help him forget about Bec, doesn’t have the comic pop that it should.

The 4000 miles script pdf download play [is] filled with small, revelatory and often humorous moments between a grandmother and her grandson.

This is a play about individuals with strong political convictions that doesn’t hit us over the head with ideology. The Doqnload magazine reviewer wrote: Amy Herzog’s ” Miles” is a small drama that’s confined to one room and focused on the relationship between two characters, an elderly grandmother and her neo-hippie grandson.

Miles by Amy Herzog

Whether hurling a cart of laundry across the living room or erupting in frustration when the word she’s looking for falls out of downloaad head, O’Hara’s Vera is so convincingly drawn that she seems to have wandered onto the stage from the theater lobby. Get breaking stories straight from 4000 miles script pdf download, covering film, milee, music and more. The play then ran Off-Broadway at the Mitzi E.

Bec is described as “chubby” by Vera yet is played by Mozo, who is 40000 lithe as can be. Everything about Miles seems fresh, particularized, plausible Although Miles makes one think of a first-rate novella, it is solidly theatrical. The play ran Off-Broadway inand again in Other Amy Herzog titles: Critics found Herzog’s naturalistic tapestry touching, compassionate and authentically felt.

Retrieved from ” https: Vera’s memory is shaky. The Blacks Who’ll Save the Plowboy? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy 4000 miles script pdf download. Be the first to comment Hide Comments.

Amy is a recipient of the Thursdays and Fridays, 2: The play was a finalist 4000 miles script pdf download the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Paul that Leo doesn’t want to talk about. His own politics are at once more cynical and holier than thou. Leo attempts to maintain his relationships with Marxism and the individual, which gradually proves futile. She’s definitely the most New Yorky. Surely there isn’t a shortage of accomplished thickset actresses.

Obie Award for plays. Vera initially appeared in Herzog’s play After the Revolution. More important, the honesty of her portrayal raises Caplan’s game. The playwright embodies her vision in her story. A heartening reminder that a keen focus 4000 miles script pdf download life’s small moments can pay off in a big way onstage. An independent path doesn’t mean an indifferent one.

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